Traveling to Rancho Cacachilas

Where is Rancho Cacachilas?

Rancho Cacachilas is a private working ranch with an adventure resort & camps, located outside of La Paz in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Our private working ranch spans 14,000 hectares and the working ranches, adventure resort & camps are accessed via Rancho El Chivato. Day access to the ranch is through our Mountain and Bike Hub (outfitter, bike rentals, bike mechanic services) in El Sargento at Ventana Bay.  


Carretara A Los Planes KM. 30 Mas 7.5 KM

Brecha en Direccion Al Norte, Rancho El

Chivato CP 23232 El Sargento,

Baja California Sur, Mexico


Corredor Isla Cerralvo, El Sargento,

Baja California Sur, Mexico

For directions and maps visit Location & Directions

What do I need to travel into Baja California Sur, Mexico?

International travelers need a valid passport to travel to Baja California Sur, Mexico. No visas are required. Mexican Nationals need a valid Mexican ID.

Is there a minimum age for Rancho Cacachilas?

Not really, as long as youngsters are totally in the care of their parents. This is a remote, dryland wilderness with rugged beauty and lots of fun outdoor places for kids to explore,  or likewise, to get into trouble fast if they are not supervised. There are no man-made playgrounds or daycare at Rancho Cacachilas. Adventure parents usually know all this and love bringing kids to share in their adventures.  Kids under 10 will not enjoy the bike trails as these are mostly intermediate to advanced trails, but they can hike. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For International and Mexican Mainland Visitors, What is the best airport to fly into in order to get to Rancho Cacachilas?

Los Cabos:
Cabo San Lucas International Airport OR

La Paz, BCS Mexico:

Manuel Márquez de León International Airport

Both airports offer easy access to Rancho Cacachilas.  The airport in La Paz is very convenient because our Rancho Cacachilas staff can meet you in town and transport you directly to Rancho Cacachilas for your stay.  La Paz is 30 minutes drive from EL Chivato Adventure Resort & Camp at Rancho Cacachilas. This is the preferred airport to fly into for travelers coming from other parts of Mexico.

The highway from Los Cabos was recently expanded and it is now a comfortable 2 hour drive via bus or private car from Cabo San Lucas International Airport to La Paz, Mexico. In La Paz, the Rancho Cacachilas staff will meet you and transport you directly to Rancho Cacachilas for your stay.

Traveler's tip: from San Diego CA - walk across the bridge border to Tijuana and get a domestic Mexican flight from Tijuana, MX to La Paz, MX for less $!

Can I take a bus to Rancho Cacachilas from the Cabo or La Paz airport?

There is shuttle bus transportation from Cabo San Lucas International Airport to La Paz.  We provide all of our confirmed guests with a private shuttle van to Rancho Cacachilas from La Paz. Our staff will meet you at the Rancho Cacachilas Administrative Office,  the La Paz bus station, or your La Paz hotel, to then drive you to Rancho Cacachilas.

Getting Here For Local Visitors or if you’re already in BCS:

From La Paz - Arrange your Rancho Cacachilas free shuttle to the ranch when you book multiday tour.

From El Sargento - Meet at our Rancho Cacachilas Mountain and Bike Hub in town. From there we offer free shuttle transportation to the private, gated Rancho Cacachilas complex, for guided day or multi-day tours.  Contact us to learn more and book your trip!

When is the best time of year to go?

Winter season in the Northern Hemisphere, is the best time of year to visit Baja. November through April offers the best weather for visiting Baja California Sur due to cooler temperatures and limited rainfall.  October and May are early and late season and offer the lowest crowds. December and January is peak tourism season here. Rancho Cacachilas is open from October 1 to May 31st, for day and multiday tours, workshops and special retreats.  We are closed to guests June 1 - September 30.

How hot is the weather there?

The warm season lasts approximately from May 26 to October 3, with an average daily high temperature above 93°F. The cool season lasts approximately from December 1 to February 25, with an average daily high temperature below 79°F.

What should I wear/bring/pack?

See our packing list.

Is Rancho Cacachilas and Baja California Sur, Mexico safe?

Yes, Rancho Cacachilas is very safe.   The Ranch is privately owned, gated and also very secluded.

Beyond the Ranch, there are currently no U.S. government restrictions for travel in Baja California Sur, which includes the tourist areas of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose de Cabo and La Paz.   Hundreds of thousands of tourists safely travel to the region each year without incident.

Still, the U.S. State Department has issued a Level 2 warning for the state, advising travelers to exercise increased caution.  Accordingly, when traveling in Baja California Sur it is wise to act in a safe manner. Don’t visit outlying areas at night alone on foot, don’t flash cash and be aware of your surroundings. Stay in a group or with a friend. All the same logical travel advice you would getting traveling to other destinations around the world.

Do I need to exchange money into Mexican Pesos for my ranch visit? Can I do that at the Ranch?

It is always better to have some national currency on hand for small purchases in convenience stores and town visits. As for any needs at the Ranch, we can charge you in pesos or USD as well as payments through credit card or paypal.

Are credit cards accepted at the Ranch?

Yes, we do not charge directly in the Ranch but at the end of your stay we will clear the bill at the Mountain & Bike Hub in El Sargento.

What is your cancellation policy?

See our full reservation information and cancellation policy here.

During Your Stay at Rancho Cacachilas

Can I drink the water? Do you have bottled water for sale or is it free?

Rancho Cacachilas has invested in watershed management and we constantly review the quality of the water to assure that it is good for consumption.

Bottled water is available free at Rancho Cacachilas for all guests.   Also, all water, teas, coffees and ice available at Rancho Cacachilas is made with filtered water.  You should not drink the tap water.

We suggest that you drink eight to ten glasses of water each day while participating in activities on the Ranch.  Adequate fluid intake enhances performance, and is important in revitalizing a body that may be unaccustomed to dawn-to-dusk movement.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

No problem - let us know on your registration form and we will do our best to accommodate you. We regularly handle gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian dietary needs. Or, contact us here and we can work directly with your needs.

I don't speak Spanish, will I be able to talk to my guides?

No problem, all our guides are bilingual in Spanish and English.

I do speak Spanish, can I practice while at Rancho Cacachilas?

Of course! We are delighted with guests who want to practice our Spanish language!

I heard there are scorpions and rattlesnakes in Baja - is this something I should worry about?

Our guides will educate you on traveling safely in the Baja California Sur Cacachilas mountains. Similar to the US Southwestern Desert areas or grizzly and mountain lion country in the Northern Rockies, responsible behavior is key. (There are no grizzlies or mountain lions in BCS!)

What happens if there is a medical emergency at Rancho Cacachilas?

If you question your ability to participate in a vigorous fitness program, please discuss your concerns with your personal physician prior to your arrival to Rancho Cacachilas. We cannot accept guests who are experiencing serious health problems, or who have great difficulty walking or seeing. Pregnant women should carefully consider whether or not to visit if not accustomed to exercise. We do not have a physician on the premises. The nearest medical facility is 45 minutes from Rancho Cacachilas in the city of La Paz. Please bring any prescribed medications you are taking in the original bottle to avoid any issues with either Mexican or U.S. customs.

All our staff has been trained in first aid and part of our staff has successfully certified in Wilderness First Responder (WFR) by Wilderness Medical Institute, and National Leadership School (NOLS).

What is customary for tipping?

Rancho Cacachilas is a team effort across all out staff - from our trail builders, to the people that work in the gardens, to your guides.  As a result, all gratuities are split among all staff working at the ranch. Together, we are happy to host you! Tips are always appreciated, but are entirely at your discretion, based on the level of service you receive.

What amenities do you offer? How does it compare to a hotel?

This is an adventure resort with wilderness camps. Lodging is bunk rooms or glamping tents on hard packed ground with rugs.  Shared bathroom facilities are located reasonably close to lodging tents and are dry composting toilets and bucket shower stalls. There is hot and cold water thanks to solar hot water heaters.

Is there WiFi available?

Yes, at El Chivato adventure resort and camp only. There is no wifi at Los Pisos or the working ranches. (There may be cell service depending on your provider, but don’t count on it working.)  You’ll love being disconnected off the grid during your stay, trust us on this!

Is there a laundry facility available?

We do not offer this service at the Ranch based on the amount of water consumption. We encourage local businesses in El Sargento to deliver this service, talk to your guide and we will be happy to arrange the delivery and pick it up for you.

Do i need to secure my valuables while staying at Rancho Cacachilas?

The Ranch is privately owned, gated and also very secluded.  All of our staff is proud to be part of this project and our policy on honesty is clearly defined. If you feel better securing your valuables, we can arrange to have them placed in a safe during your stay.

Questions About Day Trips, Multi-day trips, and Working Ranch Activities

Are multi-day trips all inclusive?

Yes, you get lodging, all 3 meals and all activities when you book a multi-day tour. Bike rentals are additional and not included in bike tours or day trips.

When I book a multi-day tour, can I participate in any of the day trips you provide?

Definitely, we will have different options available each day.

Do I need to make advanced reservations for day trips?

No, but you risk having your preferred trip type or time sold out without a reservation. We encourage reservations.

Can I do a Sea of Cortez adventure as well as a Mountain Ranch Adventure?

Yes, see our fantastic new Sea of Cortez add on ecoadventure package!

Can I extend my stay, if I choose to?

Absolutely!  We love it when guests extend their stay at Rancho Cacachilas - which is really easy to do! Just add on additional days and nights via your guide when you are here, or contact us to add on time before you arrive.  Our all-inclusive pricing that covers lodging, meals and activities makes it easy. We can transport you back to La Paz or El Sargento after your stay for your plane, bus, private car or other transportation connections home.

Can I participate in the working ranch activities?

It depends. Check our Working Ranch Activities page and upcoming workshops for more information. You can observe most activities, and depending on the schedule of special workshops you could learn about many of our ranch activities.

Do you have bikes available for rent?

Yes! We have bikes available for rent at our Mountain & Bike Hub.

I’m a beginner when it comes to hiking and biking. Can I still participate in these activities?

Yes, but be prepared to walk your bike on some of the trail sections. Our trails are mostly intermediate level and advanced, for biking. For hiking, just go slow and rest! Your guide will encourage you.

Can I hire a guide for biking or hiking day trips?

Yes, in fact all our day trips are guided. Contact us to learn more and reserve your trip.

Is there a minimum number of people required for day trips?

A minimum of 2 participants is required for any day tour. Day trips for single participants if based on availability and ranch operations . We would also charge an extra fee of $20 USD.

I’d like to learn more about the sustainable practices that Rancho Cacachilas employs in its daily operations:

Great! We love to show our guests what we are doing and why.  We offer educational workshops through the season about many of the sustainability practices we employ here. Learn more about these workshops here.

What is included in the price of an educational workshop?

Each one varies. For day workshops, usually it’s the workshop and lunch. For multi-day workshops, it will include lodging too.  Check out the current season workshop schedule here. 

Groups and Rancho Cacachilas

I am a researcher/part of an organization and we would like to bring a team down to study X…

Wonderful! We love research groups and have a long history of supporting key science and natural research in our BCS region. Find out more about our research work here. And contact us about your research needs.

I would like to bring a group Baja California Sur. Do you have group pricing?

Yes, inquire with us here.

I would like to bring a group to Baja California Sur. What resort/camp would best fit my needs?

Tell us more here about your group members and trip goals - and we would be happy to direct you to the best location.

I would like to bring a group to Baja California Sur. Can we organize a private workshop?

Yes, you can! Inquire with us here.

I would like to bring a group to Baja California Sur. Can we organize a completely customized itinerary?

You bet - we do many custom tours for special groups each season. We are happy to help you create the perfect mix of Rancho Cacachilas offerings and lodging  - inquire here.

Need additional information? Contact us.  

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