Rancho Cacachilas is comprised of individual ranches and sites, each with a specific focus yet bound together by our comprehensive land management plan.

The Ranches

Our historical ranches and sites are in various states of unfolding adaptation. In addition to contributing to the integrated development of Rancho Cacachilas, many of these facilities already offer experiences such as camping, hiking, biking, bird watching, wine and cheese tastings, farm to table meals, water harvesting, gardening and cooking classes, as well as simply enjoying quiet spaces. Please note that all of our facilities are gated, off-grid and operating in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on public utility services. Learn more about our ecotourism programs and activities that give you access to these private facilities.

Click on the first row of images below to learn more about our four sites that are currently the most popular. Click on images in the second row for a glimpse of other current and future offerings.



Dos Hermanos

Cerro Pelón

Los Pisos

San Martín

Las Canoas

La Cuesta

Ranching Activities

Use the image links below to learn about activities that are part of our working ranches. Most of these activities take place in multiple locations while others — such as cheesemaking — take place in a single location. Book a visit through our Hub in El Sargento if you wish to experience responsible ranching life in the beautiful Sierra Cacachilas mountains.



Livestock Management




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