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Lunar Eclipse Farm-to-Table Dinner

Price: $85 USD

Our event starts in the afternoon with a tour of our organic gardens at our Gaspareño working ranch. Then we head to our creamery at Dos Hermanos working ranch for award-winning cheese tasting with wine, and tours of the organic seed gardens and goats. We'll travel back to El Chivato, our adventure resort and camps location, where we’ll enjoy open-air, Farm-to-Table dining of our own Rancho Cacachilas culinary specialities. After dinner, the stars take the stage with the lunar eclipse and an interactive talk with special guests; renowned area historian and a local astronomer.

Interested in making this an overnight stay? Join us for $250/night and take advantage of a full day of activities on January 22nd, too!

Contact us to learn more or register.

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