Rancho Dos Hermanos started producing artisanal cheeses in 2013.

We are developing and refining a small-scale, handmade cheese production that embodies the unique flavors derived from the local Sierra Cacachilas terroir. Using milk from our own goats and cows, we create traditional fresh cheeses of the region as well as other varieties of specialized cheeses. Our cheeses are aged and ripened for various durations to develop distinct flavors and textures.

Rancho Dos Hermanos, one of several ranches located on the Rancho Cacachilas property, provides sweeping views of the rugged mountains, the Sea of Cortez and Isla Cerralvo. In early 2015, we began the construction of a cheesery – a kitchen designed specifically for making cheeses – which is powered by solar energy. In this unique setting, just a short drive from La Paz, guided visitors now have the opportunity to taste our homemade Sierra Cacachilas cheeses.

rancho dos hermanos, the cheesery and barn

Artisanal Cheese making workshop

In May 2015, expert cheese maker Dr. Carlos Peraza from La Serpentina Dairy Farm in Querétaro, Mexico, taught a cheese making class at Rancho Dos Hermanos, demonstrating basic techniques for producing refined cheeses.

Learn more from Carlos Peraza himself in this 9-minute video as he explains his philosophy and demonstrates his work (in Spanish).

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