We have been producing artisanal cheeses on Rancho Dos Hermanos since 2013. Our small-scale, handmade cheese production embodies the unique flavors derived from the local Sierra Cacachilas terroir.

Hand-milking our own goats and cows, we create traditional fresh cheeses of the region as well as other varieties of specialized cheeses. Our cheeses are aged and ripened for various durations to develop distinct flavors and textures.

Rancho Dos Hermanos, one of several ranches located on the Rancho Cacachilas property, provides sweeping views of the rugged mountains, the Sea of Cortez and Isla Cerralvo. In this unique setting, just a short drive from La Paz, visitors may arrange to taste homemade Sierra Cacachilas cheeses, produced in our solar-powered creamery, paired with beer and wine, and served with other ranch-made products.

— October 2017 News —

Our Girasol goat cheese won a bronze medal at the October 2017 International Goat Cheese Expo in Celaya, Guanajuato. The Girasol, shown below on the right, is aged one month.


In May 2015, Dr. Carlos Peraza from La Serpentina Dairy Farm in Querétaro, Mexico presented a cheese making workshop. The class took place at Rancho Dos Hermanos and demonstrated basic techniques for producing refined cheeses.


Other Ranching Activities

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