Rancho Cacachilas is developing a system of private trails for mountain biking, hiking, running and riding in the La Paz region of Mexico's Baja California Sur.

a network of > 50K of IMBA standard, single-track trail

Our Mountain & Bike Hub in downtown El Sargento provides guided access to our well-groomed trails and gives visitors the chance to connect with nature, learn local history and experience our ranch activities. Please use the menu at left to see individual descriptions and interactive Google maps and elevation charts for seven of our current trails. These trails are steeped in history and natural beauty and offer a variety of activity levels from which to choose. In the descriptions, we refer to various ranches and locations on the property. It may help to first familiarize yourself with our facilities. It may also be of interest to learn more about our natural history and mining history. While you're at it, why not explore the entire website to understand the unusual mosaic of activities that we are pursuing?


Points to keep in mind

  • Rancho Cacachilas provides private ranch experiences that are led by knowledgeable guides. Trails are available to the public by booking a guided excursion via our El Sargento Hub.
  • Excursions can be custom-tailored to match your individual needs, and they can be organized around a particular theme such as bird watching or mining history. Overnight camping trips, as well as day trips are available. Contact the Hub in El Sargento to discuss options.
  • Please bring your own refillable water receptacles. We prefer to avoid the use of plastic, throw-away bottles.
  • Please take out what you bring in, including items like orange and banana peels. Help us keep these trails clean and beautiful.
  • Ask about our Mula Bar service for carrying water, snacks and other supplies. Come and meet our trusty mules, including Chuleta, Revulta, La Juera, El Diablito and Sanson.
  • Trails can be traveled in either direction. To simplify, we present one direction in our descriptions, maps and charts.
  • All trails are suitable for hikers and runners. Those that are suitable for MTB (mountain biking) are marked at the top of each trail page.

Trail Design, Construction & Maintenance

We take a holistic and responsible approach in the construction of all of our trails. We implement techniques to decrease environmental impact while maximizing soil retention and water drainage. Erosion control is a primary consideration in the development process. In many cases we work with historical trails that have been used for centuries in this region of the Baja California Peninsula.

In 2014, Progressive Trail Design created a trail development master plan to assist the design process throughout the ranches.

 SUSTAINABLE TRAIL DESIGN –  International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA)  started training our local crew in late 2014

SUSTAINABLE TRAIL DESIGN – International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) started training our local crew in late 2014

Under guidance from IMBA experts Shane Wilson and Mark McClure, our local staff built the 9.1-kilometer Santa Rosa mountain biking trail in about 18 months. Since then, our crew has completed intensive IMBA Trail Solutions training that allows us to design, build and maintain additional trails on our own. Using these professional skills, Rancho Cacachilas is working towards creating more than 50 kilometers of IMBA standard, single-track trail and becoming an official IMBA Ride Center.

We work with trusted leaders in the industry as we develop this extensive trail network in the Sierra Cacachilas mountains.

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