Our name is inspired by the Sierra Cacachilas mountain range that is located east of La Paz in Southern Baja, Mexico. 

The earliest known references to the Sierra Cacachilas occur in Jesuit journals from the mid 1700s. In the 1800s, the small mining village of Cacachilas was founded with a population of approximately 200 people. This village no longer exists though our rustic camping site — Los Pisos — offers you the chance to imagine what it was like.

The Cacachila, or Coyotillo (Karwinskia humboldtiana), is a common plant in China, the Southwest United States and parts of Mexico, including the Sierra Cacachilas and the state of Sonora. This thornless, evergreen shrub, one to two meters in height, with dark green oblong leaves, is typically found at an altitude of zero to 2,809 meters (9,216 feet). Small, greenish flowers bloom in the summer and fall and are followed by small, dark red, brown, or black fruit. The fruit of the Cacachila — more specifically the seeds within the fruit — are reported to be toxic to both humans and animals, causing paralysis of the limbs.

A close-up picture of the Cacachila plant found on our ranch in Baja Califonia Sur, Mexico

The name Cacachilas is also believed to come from the word Takachila; to some First Nations the word means "Great Spirit" and when plural refers to the "Spirits".

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