Dos Hermanos is the center ranch of the Cacachilas complex. It serves as a demonstration site for low-impact, sustainable living in the mountains of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

This small homestead is comprised of a ranch house, a creamery, indoor and outdoor kitchens, a screened dining room and a rooftop terrace. Our goats, cows, chickens and some of our working mules and horses live on the property. One of our first water harvesting projects is located here, as well as a permaculture kitchen garden. Dos Hermanos offers classes, tours, barbecues and wine and cheese tastings.


Our artisanal cheeses are made using milk from our goats and cows. The screened dining area is a comfortable space for tasting a variety of our creations, including our award-winning Girasol and Cempasúchil cheeses, our honeys and other products made at the ranch, such as compotes, preserves and sun dried fruits. We often harvest and use wild fruits for our preparations. The rooftop terrace affords views of La Ventana Bay, Isla Cerralvo, the rugged Sierra Cacachilas, sunrises and starlit skies.

Rancho Dos Hermanos has more than 600 square meters of organic, permaculture garden area that emphasizes the use of sustainable energies and resources. Examples include low-cost rainwater and greywater catchment systems, and the integration of gardening and animal husbandry to utilize beneficial symbiotic relationships. We continually test and research crops and methods to find best practices for growing healthy vegetables and fruits in this particular climate and region.

Our flock of chickens not only play an important role in our gardening practices, turning the compost and keeping the bug population in check, but also produce an abundant supply of organic eggs for our ranch kitchens.

Facilities At A Glance


  • production of artisanal cheeses, compotes & preserves

  • tasting room, rooftop terrace

outdoor kitchen

  • brick oven, grill, sink

  • solar dehydrator for fruits and vegetables

Livestock Facilities

  • combining local animal husbandry with improved hands-on management to create productive and happy animals

  • custom-built mobile chicken coop

Permaculture Garden

  • traditional & vermiculture composting, low-cost rainwater & greywater systems, companion cropping

  • our organic seed bank garden produces virtually all the seed we need for the following season, with enough to share

Ecological bathroom

  • including a dry composting toilet that is functional as well as environmentally beneficial


  • wine & cheese tastings, permaculture garden tours, various classes

  • exploring nature & nearby ruins

Nearby Trails

— The above three photographs are courtesy of photographer Chris Smith —

Micky and Yeni are the resident caretakers that live in the ranch house. Micky looks after the livestock, the hand milking and the gardens, while Yeni creates cheeses and other products. Yesenia takes care of the seed-saving garden and helps Yeni with the artisanal cheeses and the cooking of meals for our ranch activities. Jessica and Cameron, our permaculturists and cheesemakers, manage garden and cheese related activities across all our ranches.

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