Rancho Cacachilas has become a scientific base of operations to study the flora and fauna of the Sierra Cacachilas in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Expeditions led by the San Diego Natural History Museum, with participation from Mexican and US universities and research centers, evaluate the flora, fauna and ecological systems of the Sierra Cacachilas mountains near La Paz. Scientists and experts in various disciplines and from various institutions gather at Rancho Cacachilas in different seasons and climatological conditions to better assess the region’s biological and geological diversity. For details concerning specific fields of study, please visit our pages in the research menu above and at left.

This 11-minute video describes the binational, multidisciplinary biological survey that was initiated on our ranches in 2013, and it illustrates the natural beauty of the Sierra Cacachilas.

Gain more of an appreciation for what it is like to stay at Rancho Chivato by reading Sula Vanderplank's entertaining exploration log and viewing the accompanying photographs. In 2014, the San Diego Union-Tribune published an article that further describes the excitement of discovering a treasure of natural riches in this region of Mexico. The spider mentioned in this 2014 article has since been confirmed to be a new species and has been named Califorctenus cacachilensis after the Sierra Cacachilas mountains.

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