Rancho Cacachilas is located within the state of Baja California Sur on the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico.


Rancho Cacachilas is made up of several large parcels of mountainous terrain, bordering the Gulf of California (a.k.a., the Sea of Cortez), between La Paz and El Sargento. The Rancho Cacachilas entrances are easily accessed from La Paz and Los Cabos via paved roads.

The property is enclosed and gated, with main access points on the roads to El Chivato or from El Sargento. The trip takes approximately one hour from La Paz, or Los Barriles, by car.

Rancho Cacachilas has a dramatic landscape with steep, rock-strewn slopes at the higher elevations that lead to a large network of arroyos. The forces of erosion have resulted in a large alluvial plain along the lower elevations of the eastern portion. These plains eventually lead to the beaches of La Ventana Bay.

We are fortunate to have Rancho Las Cruces, a natural sanctuary of more than 10,000 acres and seven miles of private, pristine coastline, located just to the north of our property.

Directions to Rancho Cacachilas

Where is Rancho Cacachilas?

Rancho Cacachilas is a private working ranch with an adventure resort & camps, located outside of La Paz in Baja California Sur, Mexico.   Our private working ranch spans 14,000 hectares and the working ranches, adventure resort & camps are accessed via Rancho El Chivato. Day access to the ranch is through our Mountain and Bike Hub (bike & mountain shop and bike rentals) in El Sargento at Ventana Bay.  

Our Locations:

Rancho Cacachilas - Resort & Camps

Carretara A Los Planes KM. 30 Mas 7.5 KM

Brecha en Direccion Al Norte, Rancho El

Chivato CP 23232 El Sargento,

Baja California Sur, Mexico

Multi day tours base out of here.

Rancho Cacachilas - La Paz Administrative Office

Revolución de 1910 #590

Esquina con Benito Juarez, Colonia

Centro C.P. 23000 La Paz,

Baja California Sur, Mexico

After arriving in La Paz, make your way to our Administrative Office to be picked up by shuttle.

Rancho Cacachilas - Mountain Bike & Hub

Corredor Isla Cerralvo, El Sargento,

Baja California Sur, Mexico

Day tours base out of here and shuttle to our Rancho Gaspareno entrance.

What is the best airport to fly into in order to get to Rancho Cacachilas?

Los Cabos:

Los Cabos International Airport (SJD)


La Paz:

Manuel Márquez de León International Airport

Both airports offer easy access to Rancho Cacachilas.  From the airport in La Paz you can take a 20 minute taxi ride (approx. $26 USD) or Uber ride to the Rancho Cacachilas Administrative Office. From there we will transport you directly to Rancho Cacachilas for your stay.  La Paz is 30 minutes drive from EL Chivato Adventure Resort & Camp at Rancho Cacachilas.

The highway from Los Cabos was recently expanded and it is now a comfortable 2 hour drive via bus or private car from Los Cabos International Airport to La Paz, Mexico. Once in La Paz, the Rancho Cacachilas staff will meet you at the Rancho Cacachilas Administrative Office and transport you directly to Rancho Cacachilas for your stay.

Traveler's tip: from San Diego CA - walk across the bridge border to Tijuana and get a domestic Mexican flight from Tijuana, MX to La Paz, MX for less $!

Can I take a bus to Rancho Cacachilas from the Cabo or La Paz airport?

There is shuttle bus transportation from Los Cabos International Airport to La Paz. https://www.ecobajatours.com/

Traveler’s Tip: book your ticket in advance online so you don’t risk a sold out bus before you arrive at the bus station!

We provide all of our confirmed overnight guests with a private shuttle van to Rancho Cacachilas from La Paz. Our staff will meet you at the Rancho Cacachilas Administrative Office or the La Paz bus station to then drive you to Rancho Cacachilas. Day tour shuttles are available from El Sargento only.

Getting Here For Local Visitors or if you’re already in BCS:

From La Paz: Arrange your Rancho Cacachilas free shuttle to the ranch when you book your overnight stay or multi-day tour.  Day tour shuttles are available from El Sargento only.

From El Sargento: Meet at our Rancho Cacachilas Mountain and Bike Hub in town. From there we offer free shuttle transportation to the private, gated Rancho Cacachilas complex, for guided day or multi-day tours. Contact us to learn more and book your trip!


Los Cabos Airport to La Paz


La Paz to Rancho Cacachilas

Need additional information? Contact us.  

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