Some of Baja California Sur's greatest landscapes are located in the Sierra Cacachilas mountain range, east of La Paz in Mexico.

These areas have been affected by overgrazing, unplanned development, soil erosion, loss of cultural traditions, and a lack of abundant, productive, and environmentally sound economic alternatives. Since 2007, when we began acquiring the properties that now constitute Rancho Cacachilas, we have been protecting and enhancing the land. Engaged in a mosaic of long-term activities, we are taking time to plan a holistic, alternative approach to land management because we care equally about people's lives, the planet and our local economy.


Ranch Visits

We offer hiking, mountain biking, mule riding, camping, birdwatching and other ecotourism experiences in the beautiful mountains of La Paz in Baja California Sur.

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Ranching Activities

Among the numerous activities that take place on our ranches, we produce honey and cheeses, we manage livestock and gardens, and we host educational and research programs.

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