Rancho Gaspareño is located in the alluvial plains on the southeast side of the Sierra Cacachilas and is the center of operations for our vaqueros and jardineros (cowboys and gardeners).

This ranch serves as a southern gateway to the ranches from route 286, which connects La Paz with San Juan de los Planes. The property accommodates the resident caretakers Joaquin and Luisa, the vaqueros, and the horses and mules. In addition, there is a tack room, storage facilities and an organic, diversified production farm.

Gaspareño provides organic produce for all of our ranches, as well as for the Bar El Minero restaurant in El Triunfo, Casa Tara and Nomada in La Ventana. Our produce and products can also be found during the growing season at the weekly farmers markets in La Ventana on Thursdays and Los Barriles on Saturdays. You can also grab out products from the Rancho Cacachilas Mountain and Bike hub as well!

Facilities At A Glance

Cowboy Bunkhouse

  • sleeping accommodations, tack room, kitchen

Horse & Mule Center

Production Farm

  • Organic, diversified farm overlooking the bay

  • An example of agroforestry in the context of a market farm


  • production farm tours, various classes, including cooking, gardening & horse/mule training

Benigno and Juan Carlos are our beekeepers and the organic farmers at this site. After attending a natural building class (earthbag construction) in Santiago, Benigno has taught the techniques to others on the ranches. As seen in the photos above, the raised composting toilet structure is an example of this type of inexpensive, versatile and sustainable architecture.

Arrangements can be made for guests staying at nearby Rancho Chivato to participate in Rancho Gaspareño activities.

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